Welcome to the 2016-17 school year! Whether you’re new to the MLK, Jr. School community or a returning family, you’re undoubtedly dealing with many changes. Changing from leisurely mornings to rushing out the door with a half-filled backpack. From using swimming pools as a stand-in for bath night, to sporting school haircuts and freshly laundered button-downs shirts.

Despite all of our differences, learning to adapt to change is a common theme for all of us. Remember, you’re not alone in learning new routines, figuring out homework and navigating through a new school year. We are all in this together, and we can help one another in this crazy journey of a new school year.

I hope that we can all take a minute to reach out to one another, even if it is a simple hello in the hall. Whether you have a tween in fifth grade or a munchkin in pre-K, we are all a part of this village we so proudly call Martin Luther King, Jr. School.

This year I look forward to meeting you, your families and your children. I have a great team of leaders standing beside me this year, and we are committed to making this year a great one. Some of our exciting news for the year includes:

  • Proposing mini-grants for all 31 teachers and staff members
  • Committee work in the areas of diversity and inclusion, school outreach, grounds and garden beautification and academics
  • Proposed stipends to SUN school
  • Advocacy and discussion about Oregon Measure 97
  • Strong fundraising efforts which include an auction, Chinook book sales and Run for the Lions

This list is just a snippet of all the great events, programming and engagement efforts we have planned for next year.

While our board and leadership team is committed to creating a strong and inclusive community within our school, we realize we cannot (and do not want to) do it without your voices and your help. There are many ways to become involved in our community.

We are currently looking for:

  • Committee members and chairs
  • Recess/lunch volunteers
  • Newsletter ideas and assistance
  • Selling Chinook books

Please look at our website for more information about these opportunities, or email info@kingpta.org.

I am so excited to start the school year, and continue to be honored to be a member of the MLK, Jr. Community. I hope you can make our first meeting of the year, on September 20, 2016. The meeting will be held in the school library, at 5:30. We provide dinner, childcare and Spanish interpretation. We will discuss our budget, Measure 97 and involvement opportunities for 2016-17.

Welcome back, Lions.

Jaime Cale
Martin Luther King, Jr. School PTA President