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We invite you to support Martin Luther King Jr. School by attending our 2017 King PTA Spring Fundraiser.

This year we are raising money for our school’s library. The majority of books in our library are over 20 years old and out of date or falling apart. They desperately need to be replaced. Can you help us update and expand our collection?

The King PTA Spring Fundraiser is an annual event and is the school's largest fundraiser. Please help us make it a success! The evening event will be held at The North Warehouse in North Portland, on March 11th, 2017 at 6:00 pm.

This year you can also purchase your Heads or Tails beads online. For those of you that don't know the auction Heads or Tails game - we play a game of heads or tails for some fabulous (yet to be determined) prize and you purchase a string of beads for each play. If you win, you keep your beads on and play another round. If you loose, you remove your beads and sit down (UNLESS you've got another stings of beads on)! Last person standing wins the fabulous prize!

We also have several sponsorship opportunities for promotional and event materials.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sung Kokko
Kenny Butler

King PTA Auction Co-Chairs


Hockey fans! The Winterhawks donated some really nice swag for our upcoming auction. 2 ball caps, two scarves, 4 tickets, a signed poster and a thermal tube! If you're wondering what a thermal tube is you'll just have to come to the auction and find out.


We just secured 2 Weekend Passes to Pickathon 2017 for the auction! Great line up this year. Kids are free.

Put your love for the Portland Timbers on full display with this Custom Authentic SIGNED jersey.




Last year artist Nell Parker did a painting for the auction that was very sought after. I didn't win, but I did commission her to do a painting of our home (which a absolutely cherish) and this year she has donated to our auction a custom painting of YOUR home. Here's the one she did for our family (as an example of what she might do for yours). I think you will love this piece of art for generations to come.

skp_6073 morning