We hold an outdoor food pantry on the sidewalk on N. Commercial at Jefferson High School. Tuesday and Friday at 1pm-3pm. It is open to all. We have a shop the line option that includes many useful dry goods,  rice, flour, meats, bread, eggs, produce and more. We have toiletries as well. Things do vary. We also have wonderful pre made food boxes of fresh produce and dairy. These are part of the government program. We have an abundance of these boxes on a weekly basis. I also get mixed boxes from Urban Gleaners on Fridays. People are welcome to shop and take as many boxes as they can use and share. They are also welcome to drive up to the boxes and we will load some in their car. All safe distancing practices are required at our pantry.  It is pretty amazing the amount of families we are able to help. We know more hungry kids and families are out there and we want to reach as many as we can. Also, we are able to provide other groups, churches, organizations and big families with food for their donation work. We just need to connect and get numbers, locations, and delivery methods that work together. I hope this helps answer your questions.  Please let me know if there is anything else that you need. Be well!

Georgie Honl Jefferson PTSA