We teach our children to work together. We teach them if someone is harmed, you stand up and make it right. We teach them that you keep your promises.

These are lessons for which Portland Public Schools needs a reminder.

We are parents of students at Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Elementary in Northeast Portland, and we are tired of the broken promises to our kids.

Broken promise 1: Right-sized boundaries that give our students a chance. Our school’s boundary remains the smallest in all of Portland. This is on top the legacy of historical injustices such as redlining, which prevents people of color from having access to home ownership, and current trends in gentrification and displacement that have created a hole in our community.

Since the advent of the district-wide enrollment balancing effort in 2014, the Portland School Board has been promising to adjust boundaries that define which families will be served by elementary schools in Northeast Portland. That promise is still unfulfilled. Why? The smaller our boundary, the lower the enrollment and the fewer resources we have for our students.

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