Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr PTA

General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, December 12th, 2017

5:30 – 7 p.m.

Dr. MLK Jr School Library



  • Opening business ( 1 min)
  1. Call to order
  2. Confirmation of quorum


  • Teacher’s report
  1. Brandon Rymer-Share about Technology  (3 min)
  2. Mrs. Yolanda Coleman- Teacher feed back on conflict resolution.


  • Principal’s report (5 min)- Vice Principal Mrs. Coleman to present
  • President’s report (5 min) – Building bridges in order to create safe spaces for parent/faculty dialogue.
  • Secretary’s report – approve last month’s minutes ( 1 min)
  • Treasurer’s report – audit committee
  • Fundraising Report –

 a. recent fundraising events updates – book fair

b. Auction – March 10th

c. Sponsorship letter- If you would like a digital copy, please email us at

info@mlkjrpta.org .


  • Committee Updates


a. Middle School/Tubman update – Shei’meka Invite PTA members to attend (and report back on) the upcoming Tubman meetings.  **PLEASE SIGN UP if you can help**.

b. Academics — Nick Mathern

c. BSE ——– Shei’Meka Owens

d. SUN ——– Sharde Dennis

e. Garden ——- Tom Becker

f. Band/Music —- Danise Elijah

g. Communications —— Wendie Siverts

h. Events —–  Heidi Wellington

i. MIP —– Letha Tawney

j. Auction —— Kenny Butler

k. Hospitality —– Chrissy/Daphne

KSMOCA  -a visit for the  Dr. MLK Jr. School community to visit the Children’s Museum to see the KSMoCA exhibition on a Saturday in January & possible activities we could organize. (GO or No-GO)


  • Courageous Conversations

Shei’Meka will guide a brief discussion (as time permits).


  • Announcements

**Please Note: Latino Parents now meet every 1st Wed from 8:45-9:45.**


a. Dec 17th- Jan 1st : School is out!

b. Jan 8th- SUN Winter term starts

c. Jan 9th – next PTA meeting






d. Jan 11th- next Tubman Middle School community meeting at Sabin School  



  • March 10th 2018- AUCTION- SAVE THE DATE!


  • Debrief fill out Feed Back Forms       


Adjourn- Thank You for investing your time into our Children’s futures!!!


We Hope you all have a Wonderful Winter break!!!!