Hello everyone,

Welcome to the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Family and Community!!!
Happy New (School) Year! As a new TEAM of leaders and your new, Dr. MLK, Jr. PTA, we wanted to reach out and introduce ourselves. We would like to share some of the visions we have for the year, and welcome each and every one of you to share yours with us as well. We encourage you to join us in coming together as we intentionally grow toward becoming the exceptional school and learning community that we know we are fully capable of becoming!!!

Our vision as a PTA is:

1) We will build upon the existing community here at Dr. MLK Jr. School, by reinforcing old and creating new bridges of common unity.

2) We will clearly redefine the ideas of “us” and “we” As we holistically invite the voice of the entire school community. As we sincerely listen, and allow each word to be heard.

3) We will create the type of community that inspires us all to take part in PTA programming and decision making.

Our Commitment to you as a PTA:
We will empower, those who wish to, to know better, grow better and thrive together as a community.

What is the PTA?
PTA stands for Parent Teacher Association. It’s a group that aims to support every child’s potential through engaging and uplift Parents, Students, Teachers, families and communities. We organize and support events at the school, facilitate volunteer-ism, raise money to financially support efforts of the school as well as individual programs and teachers within the school AND we make sure to have some fun while we “Just Do it” because we do beautiful work together!!!

So who are WE? We hope the WE includes you- all members of the school community are invited to join as participants and or members of the PTA.

If you think you might want to learn more, please join us at our first monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 12th from 5-7 PM in the school library. Childcare and dinner are provided free of charge.

You are also welcome to visit our PTA website (http://www.mlkjrpta.org/ ) and to join the school Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/kingpta/ ) to learn more and become involved.
We need your voice and your participation to make this our best year yet!

(Please note: Meetings are every 2nd Tuesday of the month)


Your 2017-18 PTA Board
Shei’Meka U J Owens, President
Megan Newell-Ching, Vice President
May Wang, Secretary
Paul Manson, Treasurer
Kenny Butler, Fund-raising Chair