Martin Luther King, Jr. PTA
General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Martin Luther King, Jr. School Library


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Called to Order: 5:37 p.m.
In Attendance: 16 members and non-members; quorum met.

Secretary’s Report
Motion to file February Minutes as written. Motion seconded. Vote: Approved.

Treasurer’s Report
See attached. Auction raised $8500, $850 specifically for library. Question from floor about whether we are required to send any to PPS. Explanation of those requirements: Schools that raise money to add teaching staff to their school are required to set up a foundation, and a percentage of those funds go to an equity fund managed by PPS. Our PTA does not have a foundation and has not used funds to hire school staff.

Proposed amendment to MLK, Jr. School PTA budget distributed (see attached.) Amended to remove TAG per request from group. Change requested from floor to redirect Middle School parent group funding. Motion to approve amendment with changes. (See final draft of amendment attached.) Motion seconded. Vote: Approved.

Motion to dedicate a total of $1000 from Auction to library. Motion seconded. Vote: Approved.

The office of President is vacant; Kenny Butler has been acting President in the interim. Motion to elect Kenny Butler President for the remainder of the 2016-17 term. Motion seconded. Vote: Approved.

Fundraising Report
Discussion regarding auction outcome. Ideas to improve for next year include considering other options to be our primary fundraising vehicle, focusing more on art/student created art, using school as a venue (perhaps with on-site childcare,) soliciting corporate sponsors, and re-upping grant-writing efforts. Also, instigate open discussion with families and teachers about what we really want to fund, then articulate our goals to membership and the broader community.

Principal’s Report
State budget cuts: PPS will experience a 3% cut for 2017-18 school year. May impact teacher/student ratios at MLK, Jr. School as well as central support staff.

Students are being rewarded for exhibiting positive IB attitudes with purple tickets and bracelets. Kindness Club is talking about what respect means to them. We are also working on making “Fun Fridays” fun!

Combining Author’s Night and KSMoCA opening worked well, good turn-out for both. KSMoCA collaborative mural upstairs is complete – ask middle school students about it, they will be able to name the people it honors.

Lincoln HS girls lacrosse team will return to teach SUN kids lacrosse. Both boys and girls welcome to participate.

Oregon Walks
Walk cancelled due to rain; will reschedule for Wednesday May 3 (same day as Mother’s Day event) if that works. Purpose of walk is to identify safety and other barriers students encounter during their walk to school and suggest potential fixes. PDOT has budgeted money for improvements, and the funds will be doled out over the next four years. Also, Oregon Walks will host an Open House for the Jefferson Cluster April 20 at Ockley-Green School.

Green King
Planning Gardening Party April 15 with PTA Garden Committee. Will have music and food. Need help with grant writing to fund redesign of King School Park.

Nominating Committee
Motion to create Nominating Committee; motion seconded. Vote: Approved. Nominations from floor for members: Megan Newell-Ching, Brenda Ku, Katherine Jones, Heidi Wellington and Alex Montfort. Motion to approve committee slate; motion seconded. Vote: Approved. Wendie Siverts will forward explanatory documents from last year.

Committee Reports
Equity & Inclusion: Courageous Conversation series will start April 11. First two evenings are back-to-back, followed by weekly gatherings on Wednesdays. Will ask for RSVPs to help anticipate food/childcare needs (both paper sign-up and online sign-up.) PPS equity team will provide translation services.

Events: Carnival will be moved to June 9 due to longer school year. Looking for people to join planning committee. Multi-cultural Night is May 31, last of four academic nights – need parent volunteers..

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration is April 14; national traveling Black History Museum will be in gym, as originally planned for January date. Library will be transformed into a New Orleans Jazz Club!

Meeting Adjourned: 7:07 p.m.