Martin Luther King, Jr. PTA
General Membership Meeting
Tuesday, February 21, 2017
Martin Luther King, Jr. School Library


Called to Order: 5:47 p.m.
In Attendance: 19 members and non-members; quorum met.

Secretary’s Report
Motion to file January Minutes as written. Motion seconded. Vote: Passed.

President’s Report
See attached. Also: Need volunteers for night of Auction (set-up/tear down,) PTA Game night March 23 and to help Ms. Ruby in the cafeteria.

Treasurer’s Report
See attached. More than half of teacher grants unclaimed; please remind teachers these grants are available.

Fundraising Report
Our biggest fundraiser, the Auction, is March 11
Next big fundraiser is Run for the Lions on April 18.
If interested, Elle Organic Farm will give us passes to sell, we keep half proceeds

Principal’s Report
Next Kinderconnect is February 22 at Albina. Note: Tours every Tuesday at 2 p.m. through March; interested parents may just show up or can call ahead.
As a result of significant State of Oregon budget shortfall (3% off), final staffing decisions will not be complete until March.
Next Month will be Author’s Night and KSMoCA opening, both on March 16.
Continuing Lunch Bunch groups – 4 to 5 kids per group, work on communication. Also, launched our Kindness Campaign. For more information request flyer from teacher or front office.
Yesterday was lobbying day in Salem to improved funding and protect classrooms.

Special Election for Secretary
Election to fill vacancy on board. Wendie Siverts nominated. No other nominations submitted. Voice vote: Wendie Siverts is elected secretary.

Video Camera
PTA member purchased video camera and equipment to film Chinese New Year school events and offered to sell equipment to PTA for use recording other student events. Cost: $219.22. Members discuss pros and cons. Motion to purchase camera, motion seconded. Vote: Passed.

Arts Funding
Pool of funds earmarked for arts from last year’s Run for the Lions and KSMoCA rummage sale. Members discuss how to spend. Ideas include maker space, KSMoCA program, and the West African dance program (which has been funded by a grant, but will not qualify for this grant next year.) Also considering expanding arts umbrella to the full “STEAM” curriculum. Suggestion that students provide input to this discussion as well. No final decisions made.

Alberta Co-op
Continued discussion of the Alberta co-op’s desire to partner with school. Partnership should revolve around food or nutrition education in some way. Ideas include breakfast, PTA coffee tent, backpack program. Need to consider overlap with OSU extension. No final decisions made.

Committee Reports
Auction: It is March 11 from 6-10 p.m. This is our biggest fundraiser. Tickets are $35, half price for staff. Need volunteers during, before and next day.

MIP Parents: CNY went really well; next year will partner more effectively with Convention Center festival; we sold a lot of tickets for the festival. 5013c established for this group. Not sure if MIP kids will march in Rose Festival parade this year for several reasons, but top of list is loss of instruction time due to all the snow days.

Equity & Inclusion: Presented mission statement. Offer of support to the PTA during leadership changes. Working on getting morning coffees started back up. Planning for Courageous Conversations is nearing completion. Slated to start with two back to back evenings April 11 and 12. Four additional workshops to follow each Wednesday. Working with PPS to help with translation services.

Events: Game night is March 23. Light dinner will be served. Bring your games to share, please label with your name.

Meeting Adjourned: 7:05 p.m.