By now you probably heard about the fire on NE Killingsworth that destroyed a 6-unit apartment building .

If you’re part of the neighborhood or part of the Martin Luther King (K-8) School community, you probably know Kenny Butler. Simply put, our community is better because of “Mr. Kenny.” When we think of Kenny, we think of the true embodiment of “Local Hero.”

At 5 am on November 2, he was also a hero to his neighbors–Banging on doors to make sure everyone in the building got out alive.

We are Kenny’s neighbors. We are parents with kids at Martin Luther King School, where Kenny went to school and has been volunteering for years to make our community better.

How many times has Mr. Kenny been there for our community? Our schools? Our neighborhood?

Too many to count.

Now it’s our turn to be there for Kenny. 

He and his mom–with whom he shares an apartment that was destroyed in the fire–lost everything. The roof over their heads. Most of their possessions.

Let’s show Mr. Kenny and his mom some love. They have given so much to our community. Now it’s time for us to give back.

They’re going to need lots of help here. First month’s rent and a deposit on a new apartment. Pots, pans, chairs, beds… everything.

Please consider giving something. Anything. And please help us spread the word.

Help spread the word!