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Student Submissions

The October Issue of MLK Connect featured these two student submissions:

Short Story: The Mouse and the Man

Once upon a time there was a man named Clark. He was an animal sort of guy. A guy that REALLY loved animals. He had three kittens, two birds, one dog and a chinchilla. One day Clark was at work when his boss was bitten by a rat in the storage room and declared that they had a rat problem. A week later a little mouse came out of the cash register while Clark was working at it. Since he was such an animal guy, Clark immediately fell in love with the mouse!

Later that day, when he got home, Clark went to find food for the mouse. Every day Clark took care of the mouse at work. One day, he decided to take the mouse home from work. He scooped up the mouse and put him in his shirt pocket. He took the mouse to his car and put him in the cup holder next to the drivers seat. Clark found a mini doll carseat for the mouse and put it in the cupholder. At home, Clark built a little wooden Mouse House with a bed, toys, and two circle sky lights that opened to put in food and water and empty the pee box.

Clark placed the house on his bedside table in his house with the three kittens, two birds, one dog and the chinchilla. Clark named the mouse Squeak and Clark and Squeak had many adventures from that day on! The End.

by Io Dennerlein Manson, 4th grade

Meet Our New Playworks Coach

Coach B, our play works coach, is 23 years old. He grew up in Irvine, California. He loves hanging out with kids and getting a lot of exercise. He's not married, likes lots of foods including cheesy polenta (but calls them cheesy grinds). His favorite sport is soccer.

by Turner Cale, 3rd grade

Student Profile

The September issue featured this student profile (note: story has been corrected from original print version.)

Honoring Our Namesake, Dr. King

I happened to be at the school one morning last spring when a student carrying a clip board wove her way through the teachers and assistants in the kindergarten wing. “I am collecting signatures to change the school name to Martin Luther King, Jr. School.” she said. “Would you like to sign?” I was confused; Martin Luther King, Jr. is inscribed over the main doorway. Wasn't “King” just a nickname, an abbreviation? “That's not the name already?” I asked. “No,” she replied, “It got changed to King School and we want to change it back.”

Several months later the Portland Public School Board voted to officially return the name of King School back to Martin Luther King, Jr. School. This vote wasn't an accident, or an after-thought but the result of student activism.

This week I met Savannah Mullens, one of the drivers behind this effort. She talked a little more about her motivation for taking action. “We learned about this in Ms. McKenzie's class. Someone decided to change the name because of low test scores at the school, and the reputation hurting enrollment. I thought it was disrespectful, and wanted to do something about it.” The hard part? “Sending all the email messages and waiting.” For those with similar ambitions, Savannah has this advice: “If you feel like something's not right and you want to change it, just go for it!”

Savannah Mullens' favorite subject is math, she plays basketball and plans to study Sports Medicine.

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