We are sharing this link if you can help our neighbors or send words of support.

On Tuesday, our beloved neighbor and her family suffered a vicious, cruel attack. The three grandchildren, aged 12, 11 and 7 were waiting in the car for their mom to drop off the keys with their grandmother, when a man discharged a can of bear spray through the sunroof. One child was taken to the emergency room, where the fumes coming off his body (after transport!) were still enough to choke the medical personnel attending him. You can read more about the story here. The case is currently under investigation by the Portland Bias Crime (Hate Crime) Division.
Thankfully, the children survived the attack. Their car will be totaled as the cost to clean out the bear spray is cost prohibitive. The mother is a single, working mom with 3 children, now using grocery money on a rental car.

It is our goal to alleviate the financial burden of this attack as well as to show solidarity as a community to this family. We will not allow hate to win in our neighborhood, in our city. This is their home and our home and we are better than this. If you can not donate money, please consider leaving a note of love and support.

If you have a child who is emotionally troubled by this crime, please do not hesitate to seek help. Attacks like these are intended to and do hurt far more people than the immediate victims. Among other resources, there is a school based health clinic at Jefferson High School as well as other locations in Multnomah County.