The King PTA and larger community hosted  Robb Cowie, Director of Community Involvement & Public Affairs, and Judy Brennan, Director of Enrollment and Transfer on Tuesday, June 5th at King School.  The meeting was arranged by the PTA so that parents could gather information that will help them prepare for the Jefferson cluster enrollment balancing process. Expected to begin this spring, the Jefferson round has not yet begun even though in the meantime, two schools (Humboldt and Young Women’s Academy) have been closed. Parents at the meeting pressed PPS to set out a draft timeline of events so that all the interested parties can be informed and prepared to participate. None is yet forthcoming although the summer is expected to see the formation of an advisory committee and the actual discussion of the issues will likely begin with meetings at individual schools in September after school resumes with a proposal ready for the Superintendent in November. After the Superintendent makes a recommendation to the school board, the board will vote in January or February.

Click here for a partial transcript of the meeting and other Enrollment Balancing related documents.