The King School PTA was the recipient this spring of a generous gift from the Mary McKinney and Flay Ezell Fund. The Ezell Fund is a charitable fund established by the late Mary McKinney Ezell and Flay Ezell. Mary and Flay were proud Oregonians and longtime residents of Northeast Portland until their deaths in 1998 and 2002, respectfully. The fund’s giving reflects their love for the community they were a part of, and their hope that the community would grow and thrive into the future. The funds focus on: cared for and caring children, strong families, opportunities for all citizens to succeed, and recognition of the importance of animals in people lives. These were truly at the core of what Mary and Flay believed in.

Kathleen McKinney Wentworth has been a SMART reader at King School for seven years, supporting our students to develop a love of reading. The gift of $1000, matched by a gift of $1000 from the Wentworth Foundation will be used for general operational support and will be crucial to the PTA’s mission of inclusion of our whole school community. Providing interpretation services, dinner, and childcare at all PTA meetings has been a crucial component of our success. With the boundary change discussions and other crucial issues for King coming this year, these services will be needed more than ever.

Donation Letter