Interested in volunteering? There are many opportunities, big and small! Please complete the volunteer interest form below, and check anything you want more information about. If you would like to volunteer in the school or at school events, please also complete the Portland Public Schools application here.

“When parents and adults are engaged in schools, students achieve at higher rates, the schools receive grants at higher rates and recruiting for outstanding teachers is more successful. Take time to volunteer. Schools are better, students are better and you are better.”

-Sandy Bell, Oregon PTA President

Engagement Survey 2018-19

Please complete one survey per family. Our school needs your help to make it a great year!
Step 1: How can the PTA contact you? This will help us keep you up to date on all of the fun and enriching events that we can share as a community. It is a great first step to knowing what’s happening and finding ways to be involved at our school.
Step 2: How are you interested in being involved? There are so many ways each family can help make our school a better place for all of our children. Please circle yes, maybe, or no for each of the options below and circle specific interests as appropriate.
We would love to hear about any skills or opportunities you have to offer our community. Use comment box below to describe how you can help, ask any questions about the roles listed above, or name other ways you are interested in volunteering.
THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this form! We appreciate you being part of our school community. A volunteer will contact you regarding the interests you noted on this form.