Agenda: September 17, 2012 Education and Youth Success PEG Meeting
September 17, 2012 from 4:00 to 6:00 PM
1900 SW 4th Avenue, Portland, Conference Room 7A

Welcome and Reflections from Last Meeting (10 minutes)
Description: Quick round-table introductions and opportunity for PEG members to share impressions and/or follow-up thoughts from the August 20 meeting

Overview of Today’s Meeting (5 minutes)
Presenter: Clark Worth, Facilitator
Description: Following up on challenges identified at the August 20 PEG meeting by Parkrose School District and Portland Public Schools representatives as they upgrade and build new school facilities, this meeting will explore possible alternatives to the city’s current regulatory structure related to schools. This discussion is designed to help inform policy direction in the Comprehensive Plan related to building 21st century school facilities that flexibly accommodate multiple functions and serve Portlanders of all generations, cultures and abilities.

Background: Conditional Use 101 (10 minutes)
Presenter: Douglas Hardy, Bureau of Development Services
Description: Brief presentation on Portland’s current Conditional Use Review for schools.

Quick “Tour” of School Types in Portland (15 minutes)
Presenter: Chris Scarzello, Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Description: School profiles will be presented that exemplify the range of types, characteristics and locations of schools across Portland’s six public school districts.

Group Exercise (45 minutes)
Facilitator: Clark Worth
Description: PEG members will work in small groups to brainstorm: what could a more flexible “school zone” look like? PEG members will take on the roles of school district representatives, community members and immediate neighbors to explore and test possible concepts for a new school zone from different perspectives. Issues to consider will include practicality; equity; flexibility to respond to changes in demographics, technology and educational trends; and responsiveness to neighborhood concerns such as traffic.

Report Back and General Discussion (20 minutes)

Public Comment (10 minutes)

Next Steps (5 minutes)

For more information, please contact either Deborah Stein, Bureau of Planning & Sustainability at 503-823-6991 or, or Clark Worth, Facilitator, at 503-222-0146 or